The biggest mistake most people make with goal setting.

I love setting goals, and our mind loves to have a well defined goal to aim for. But it is something that a lot of people don't actually understand. They take the wrong approach which means they don't get the results they hope to see.

There are lots of things we could improve about goal setting, but I believe there is one thing specifically that has the greatest impact - being too ambitious too soon.

Now I like to have big dreams - big c-type goals that I am aiming for in my life. I think it is good to have ambition. The problem is when you try to achieve it immediately.

The perfect example is when it comes to exercise, and I used to see it all the time when I worked as a personal trainer. Many people go from not exercising at all, to taking on a training programme that is too ambitious for them.

For example: they decide they are going to go to the gym 4 times a week. This sounds ok on paper. However, when you break it down this actually means - 1 hour gym session, 30 minutes driving, 20 minutes showering, then getting changed, preparing for the next day etc, this amounts to a total of 8 hours. This equates to a full working day!

Not only is this a huge amount of time but it's also a huge amount of energy to expend. And truthfully, if you're not exercising right now it's probably because you don't have any time or energy!

Now the big c-type goal can be to achieve a greater amount of fitness, and to have the energy for visiting the gym 4 times a week. But to achieve this, the better idea is to have mini goals that will take you along the way. So start off training at home for 20 minutes twice a week. then you can let this grow until you reach your goal.

Start small. Be consistent. Success takes time

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