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mum, survivor, miracle maker

I'm mum to 2 boys. I'm a survivor of breast cancer. I'm a survivor of self harm. I'm a survivor of divorce. I'm a survivor of life and since 2013 I have been on a journey of discovery and growth. I have learnt the how  to change my thinking so I could change my life. And my future. Now I am sharing all I've learnt so it can help you too.


gentle with yourself

Growth Mindset

After my marriage ended I was consumed with feelings of hate, blame, fear. I wasn't looking after my physical or mental health. I believe this contributed to my cancer diagnosis the following year.


After recovering from cancer I realised I needed to change my attitude if I wanted to have a better future, for me and my sons.  My self development journey began. 


In 2009 I got married after a whirlwhind romance and we had our 2 sons very quickly. Unfortunately it didn't heal the problems in our relationship and in 2012 my husband and I separated.  I was torn between relief that the marriage was over and I was free from the emotional turmoil; and fear over how I would cope as a single mum with 2 boys under 2.


In January 2013 I heard the dreaded words "I'm sorry, but it's cancer". My whole world caved in on me as I struggled to understand what was being said around me.

This can't be true, I'm only 37, I have 2 young kids at home, I'm a single parent - I don't have time to have cancer!


Am I going to die?

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